The Irish Sun: Property Prices Up 80% on 2013 Low

Author: GPD Ireland | Date: 16/05/2019

Property prices have increased by 82 per cent since the economic crash, according to the latest CSO figures.


The Central Statistics Office has said the price of homes nationally has increased by 81.6 per cent on average from their lowest point in early 2013.


Dublin residential property prices have risen 92.5 per cent from their February 2012 low, while prices in the rest of the country are 78.8 per cent higher than their May 2013 trough.


The new report showed house prices are stabilising, with figures up to March this year showing an increase of 3.9 per cent nationally.


Aaron Willis of Property Developers GPD said “The cost of land is still too expensive , in many instances, making the viability of developments borderline at best or simply unachievable.”



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