Budget 2020: Reaction from Cork-based and Irish Industry Leaders

Author: GPD Ireland | Date: 25/10/2019

In commentary covered from The Corkman to the Dublin Gazette, General Manager of GPD Aaron Willis outlines that “with over €11 billion committed to the Department of Education and Skills in 2020, we would hope a significant allocation will be given to apprenticeship training programmes and the promotion of our young people into trades and professions like engineering and architecture.

On the positive side, the extension of the HTB scheme for FTB’s will give some much needed surety to developers, which should bode well for more houses coming on stream in 2020 and beyond. There have been various figures thrown about but the scheme has contributed to anywhere from 40 – 80% of FTB sales since its introduction so it was an absolute no-brainer that it should be retained.”

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