96FM Interview on Covid-19 and Returning to Work

Author: GPD Ireland | Date: 20/05/2020

As the first phase of the easing of the Covid-19 restrictions was implemented on Monday 18th May, we are really happy to be back on site again and working on a number of exciting client projects.

We are complying with special working conditions and adhering to the new rules and adapting to the new normal, and ourĀ  CEO, Eamon Hetherington, elaborated further on this during his interview with PJ Coogan on 96FM’s The Opinion Line this week.

Eamon advised that “We have been planning for this for nearly a month of how when we have to get back to work, how are we going to get back to work. Inductions … C-19 compliance officers, safety induction forms have to be filled in before they start. …..The Construction Industry Federation kept us informed ….what we had to do and how we had to to do it and we would put that in operation.”

In relation to what the difference in working conditions now is for employees, Eamon responded outlining the content of the new site Covid-19 compliance kit for each worker:
“…(It’s an 18 litre plastic box), he has his masks, his gloves, his gel, his visor and his Tyvek suits, and his job is when he gets to his site to assess the area, who’s going to be with him or is he going to be on his own. If he’s with a colleague of his, they have to protect themselves. They have to stay away from each other. If it becomes a situation where they have to both lift something, then they have to put on all their gear, their masks, their visors and their gloves and protect themselves.”

Click below to hear the full interview.



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